T+architecture Co., Ltd, established in early 2007 by Mr. Thongchai, is a reputable architectural firm based in Bangkok. With a great number of Thongchai's professional and successful track record spanning nearly 10 years, T+architecture is an unique architectural firm in Thailand

We treat our clients as our team.
Collaboration is a powerful thing - it’s about listening and understanding the aspirations of our clients. Then working
closely to define the issues, establish the goals and to understand the realities of the brief. 
Understanding the product is key - whether it’s a 5-star deluxe destination hotel, a house, a school, a condominium,
a show room or a  boutique spa resort; or whether it’s a fractional development  or a time-share golf resort project. 

Design should not be formulaic  –  it should be responsive to the context and the brief,   it should be driven by a
knowledge of how architecture work and ultimately, it must bring a fresh and creative way to customize the product. 

Designs should be unique with each project having its own personality.


T+architecture, the small architectural studio in Thailand, offers you a wide selection of architectural services for a variety of businesses such as Residential, Office, Commercial, Restaurant,Education, Wholesalers, and Hotels & Resorts. 

Scope of work: 
• Master Planning 
• Project Study 
• Architectural Design 
• Renovation and Refurbishment Design 
• Interior architecture design 
• Landscape design 
• Construction Management 

Further to a plentiful range of those services, our objective is to provide Quality, international Standard, Integrity and Attention to detail. All hallmarks of your expectation concerning architectural work are devoted by our expert team. This can be assured of the exceptional services, quality work and exceeded satisfaction. 

Our essential practice and philosophy are to realize about the function, form and feeling that come together with the architectural and design concept. Obviously, this philosophy importantly involves in adapting to unique modern contemporary style which extremely concerns ‘Environment and Culture’. So, our passion is to maintain ‘Design environment’ as well as to suit the society.